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GENUINE Walbro 525 TI Automotive Fuel Pump

GENUINE Walbro 525 TI Automotive Fuel Pump

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Caution: Exteremly High Counterfit Rate - Buy from a TRUSTED Dealer Only

TI Automotive F90000285 39/50 Fuel Pump

TI Automotive's new DCSS 39/50 fuel pump is capable of supporting 700+ horsepower and is designed to deliver maximum pressure with superior fuel flow.

Its compatible with 98 and E85 fuels and comes with a check valve to avoid system leak-down and extended cranking at start-up. 

This TI Automotive AKN Walbro 525 fuel pump is designed for high performance engines exceeding 500hp.

Requires modifications to system wiring, fuel lines and the fuel module, and should be professionally installed.

It features:

  • E85 compatible 
  • Highest flow in-tank brushed fuel pump offering from TI Automotive
  • Capable of supporting 900+HP at 60PSI naturally aspirated applications
  • Internal check valve — prevent fuel system pressure bleed down — prevent extended cranks
  • High pressure relief setting — support supercharger and turbo applications
  • Flush mountable to existing hanger
  • Larger pressure relief valve than the F90000267
  • Suitable for all performance and high pressure applications
  • Replaces F90000267 & F90000262 & F90000274

Over All Pump Length: 131mm
Main Housing Diameter: 39mm
Lower Housing Diameter: 50mm
Fuel Inlet Diameter: 11mm OD
Fuel Outlet Diameter: 11mm OD
Flow Rate: 470lph @ 40psi (120+ gph)
Test Voltage: 13.5 Volts 

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