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Haltech Aftermarket Engine Management Solutions- Unlock the Power! 


  • Justin Gregory- 7.04ET @ 196MPH

    Our stock chassis rx7 is running a methanol fueled 2jz combo, auto trans and mini tubbed rear end.  The car is compliant for many classes of drag racing, however we compete in pro turbo against some fiercely competitive cars as we prefer heads up pro tree racing.

  • Robert Purlija - 8.76 ET @ 154MPH

    Bobby's street/race vl has retained the single cam engine and is still using the factory block /crank and cylinder head porting. We are very excited with the results so far and are keen to push further on our limited components. The vehicle is run on the full Microtech catalogue and gets all its power down through an ever popular 275 radial.

  • Phil Penny- 7.46ET @ 186MPH

    Phil Penny's S600 is one serious head turner. The 2jz power plant has pushed the Aus radial 235 record to 7.4. The car is powered by a Haltech Elite 2500 with platinum wiring harness and is tuned by Justin at BlackTrack Performance.