Product Description

PSR3584 Gen3 Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger External Wastegate Version for BA/BF Ford Falcon XR6 + Turbosmart GenV HyperGate45 Wastegate.

This performance-enhanced Pulsar turbo boasts a cutting-edge 10-blade billet compressor wheel for superior airflow. It delivers a massive air flow rate of approximately 90 lb/min, optimized for engines reaching 1000 flywheel horsepower.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Airflow: New 10-blade billet compressor for increased air intake.
  • Higher Flow Capability: Larger turbine wheel for improved exhaust flow.
  • Durable Construction: Rebuildable dual ceramic ball bearing system for long-lasting performance.
  • Optimized Design: Larger 0.72 A/R compressor cover with anti-surge protection and a 4-inch inlet.
  • Precise Control: Billet actuator with black anodized coating for accurate boost control.
  • Superior Sealing: 3-layer stainless steel 5-bolt gasket.
  • Detailed Specifications:
    • Compressor Wheel: 67.3mm x 84.4mm (extended tip: 87.3mm)
    • Turbine Wheel: 74mm x 66mm
    • Compressor Inlet: 4-inch hose connection
    • Compressor Outlet: 2.5-inch hose connection
    • Turbine Inlet: T3 open flange
    • Turbine Outlet: 5-bolt flange
    • Turbine Housing: 1.06 A/R
    • Water Ports: -6AN
    • Oil Feed: -4AN to oil restrictor
    • Oil Drain: Standard T3 oil drain flange
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Fits all BA and BF Falcons.
  • Wastegate Compatibility: Designed to work with the Turbosmart Gen V 45mm Hypergate wastegate


The Turbosmart GenV HyperGate45 is a race-proven external wastegate that delivers exceptional performance at an attractive price.

  • Superior Flow: Class-leading flow performance, validated by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and real-world testing.
  • Extreme Durability: Engineered for maximum resistance to fatigue and wear, making it ideal for demanding applications.
  • Advanced Materials: Utilizes Nitronic 60 for the valve guide and high-temperature 347 stainless steel for the body, ensuring exceptional thermal resistance.
  • Precise Control: 17-4 PH stainless steel springs provide accurate and consistent boost control.

Designed for Easy Installation and Customization:

  • Direct Upgrade: Fits seamlessly as a replacement for all Gen4 Turbosmart wastegates.
  • Flexible Routing: The unique collar-locking system and variable actuator cap/base allow for 360-degree routing of reference hoses.
  • Secure Connection: Utilizes reliable strap-type V-band clamps for a secure and leak-proof connection.
  • Cooling Option: The wastegate features an optional liquid cooling provision for extreme environments.
  • Multiple Spring Options: Available with a range of spring options to suit your specific boost requirements. (Springs sold separately)

Available Colors: Black (as described), Blue, Red, and Purple. (Check for availability of other colors)


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